Working Remote? Don't do overtime!

The most common problem when working remotely is to manage your time. Use painlesstracker to control where you spend time.

Evaluate effectiveness and convenience on your own.

You would need to enter an email to activate the app. It would be available for you in full functionality for 30 days.

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🔐Privacy first!

Often people use a cloud-based time tracker where all your sensitive activity is transferred over the internet, saved on the company servers, and their employees can see everything that you do on a computer.

Painless Time Tracker uses a completely different approach. All your personal desktop activity never leaves your computer. It is saved only on your computer. The app works completely autonomous and even does not require the internet.

We have spent a significant amount of time to bring to you automatic tracking with the focus on privacy.

👀Automatic tracking

No need to start tracking, it's always on. All the actions on the desktop device are saved every minute. Tracking of websites, files, office documents, apps, projects. The app distinguishes between different documents and websites you are working on.

🔥Automatic tagging

No need to type in every task manually all the time. The neural network learns as you label the records. After a couple of days, it starts to automatically recognize projects. The tags will automatically appear for new time records.

Enjoy the power of the painless time tracker

You can choose between a full paid version or try the functionality for the 30 days.

(For evaluation)

  • full functionality
  • for evaluation purpose only
  • valid for 30 day

(Enjoy the full power)

  • full functionality
  • for professional use
  • valid for 365 days
From €96