Using time tracker? Gain 20% more time for your work zone by avoiding time-tracking overhead (or distractions)


  • “The hard part of it is to start tracking it. You forget to push the “track” button all the time.”
  • “The tracking process is very interrupting, and there’s an additional overhead in analyzing your time.”
  • “I find it annoying to actually type in the task.”

How often do you say this when you use time tracker?

An effort to keep remembering to “push” button or an effort to repeatedly keep typing tags or project names into your time-sheet amount to unwanted, involuntary distractions.

There’s nothing like getting in the zone, crunching numbers, drafting proposals, or drawing up plans, and yet there’s nothing worse than being removed from your motivated reverie only to face a serious uphill battle to get back into it when you’re ready.

A series of attention distractions can lead to higher stress, a bad mood, and lower productivity.

How does Painless Time Tracker Work?
  1. Automatically captures your desktop activity.
  2. Neural network learns your projects.
  3. Perfect insights as result.
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