Features & Benefits

💻 Desktop app for Linux, Mac Os, Windows

Yes, you can install it

🔐 Privacy first!

Information about apps, projects and documents you track is kept on your machine.

❤ Automatic activity capture

All the actions on the desktop device are saved every minute.

🔥 Automatic tagging of time records

Neural network learns as you label the records. After couple of days it starts to automatically recognize projects. The tags will automatically appear for new time records.

👀 Tracking of websites, files, office documents, apps, projects.

The app distinguish between different documents and websites you are working on.

🏡 Works offline

No internet needed for it to work

🛌️ Idle detection

Activity tracking pauses when there is no activity. The tracking continues automatically afterwards.

🦄 Customisable tags & colors

Use tags to specify: category, project, task, app. Make them colorful!

💾 Export to Excel

All the data you see in reports can be exported and analyzed in the spreadsheets software.

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