How to use Painless Time Tracker?

The app monitors which apps and document you use. As a result, you have a timesheet record for every moment you spend working on a computer.

Most interesting features:

  • fully automatic recording of the activity
  • the system automatically generates tags that describe your activity and projects
  • you can specify own tags to represent work on a specific project or category. The system learns from your input and will use the tags you created for similar activity.

Typical use cases

for solo freelancers, consultants, designers, developers, writers, marketers

  • inventory of effective time spent on fixed price projects
  • prepare timesheets without flow interruption

for teams

  • see where the time goes on a project, e.g. how much resources were spent on design, development, bug hunting and communication.
  • measure time spent on repetitive tasks

productivity-focused people

  • see where your time goes, analyze and improve your internet usage habits.

Get the app & Install

  1. Download the App using this link

  2. After downloading follow the typical installation process for the corresponding OS.

  • MacOS - download .dmg file, extract the app and move it to the application folder
  • Windows - download the installer file, run the installation, the app will be available from the run --> all programs menu
  • Linux - download the .AppImage file and execute it

Privacy note

By default information about apps and documents that you use never leaves your device. However, we collect information about the total amount of hours you have tracked with the Painless Time Tracker. Also, we monitor which part of the Painless Time Tracker do you use, e.g. how often do you use export to excel functionality. It is used to improve the app and for marketing purposes.

Use the app

The app itself is a desktop app. Typically it is hidden in the tray.

This is how does it look on the MacOS interface.

Painless Time Tracker tray

You can always open the dashboard if you click on the tray icon.

Painless Time Tracker tray details

When you open the app, the first screen is a dashboard. It shows time records for the selected day. The records are added to the list automatically. They are placed on the calendar-like interface. Every horizontal line takes 1 hour.

Painless Time Tracker Dashboard page

You can see details of each time period by clicking on it. Painless Time Tracker Dashboard details page

Summary of the time usage available on the reports page. It's possible to filter time records by tag and dates. Selected timesheets can be exported to the excel file. Painless Time Tracker Reports page

Advanced usage

Use custom tags and colors. The app uses AI to learn your tags and automatically assign them for the future time periods. For example, you work on a word document with a title how to pee in the space, and you give that time period a tag #apollo. Next time, when you work on the same document, tag #apollo will be assigned automatically.

In the example below I have associated tag #relax with youtube music. Assign custom tags and colors

Final setup touches

Do not forget to set up auto-start to have all the time inventoried.

Painless Time Tracker settings: auto-launch and tracking enable/disable

The app will be started automatically after restarts if the Autolaunch option is enabled.

Support details

Do not hesitate to send me a message to when you need any kind of help.

Note: You can download the app using the link bellow.

Download the App